About Creative Commons

The resources linked to from this site are all ‘open’ resources – that is to say, their authors have given everyone permission to use them for their own study purposes, and in some cases to re-use them for helping others to study.

Most of the resources you will find here ‘officially’ label themselves as open resources by displaying the label Creative Commons. This means that you can download, copy, display, and distribute them without any further need to ask permission. The only conditions are that you attribute them where appropriate (tell people where you got them), and you share them with others, as they have been shared with you.

Some authors of open resources also give users permission to make additional uses of the material, such as adapt it for their own purposes and even to use it for commercial purposes.

And some resources are simply declared as 'public domain' which means that the authors have given up all rights over it.

You can see what kind of licence and/or permissions applies to any resource linked to from this site by looking at the ‘Visit this site’ page for that resource.

The responsibility for complying with the terms of the licence and/or permissions for any of these resources remains with you, the user. Please make sure that you read the licence information on any resource you are planning to use.

For more information on Creative Commons licences see the Creative Commons website (http://www.creativecommons.org.uk) or look at some of the resources under 'Ethics, Rights and Intellectual Property' in this website!