About Us

This website has been created at the UK Open University, in partnership with the Universities of Nottingham and Leicester and Manchester Information and Associated Service (Mimas) at the University of Manchester.

The development of the site, and its partner site Ready to Research, was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council of England through the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education (SCORE) project based at the Open University.

The site is a portal to a collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) accessed from repositories and institutions around the world. All these resources have been provided free by their authors under Creative Commons or other licence for anyone who wishes to use them for educational purposes.

The OU Digital Scholarship team, and our partners in Nottingham, Leicester, and Manchester, have reviewed and selected every resource listed on this site in order to ensure that it is a genuinely open access and high quality item of self-study material appropriate for students in the UK and elsewhere who wish to prepare themselves to study on research degrees in UK universities.

The Drupal 6 set-up for Digital Scholarship and Ready to Research is freely available for download and use by other organisations or individuals wishing to recreate these OER portals on their own servers and customise their content. Technical documentation for the two portals together with the themes, modules, databases and image files used for the sites are available from the Developer, Muon Consulting Ltd. At https://www.dropbox.com/s/62p5wir0n7olisw/Score_microsite_documentation.doc

The OU Digital Scholarship project team:

  • Project leader: Robin Goodfellow (Institute of Educational Technology)
  • Project Research Assistant: Beatriz de los Arcos (Institute of Educational Technology)
  • Project Advisor: Martin Weller (Institute of Educational Technology)
  • Project Client Advisor: Tim Seal (Learning, Teaching and Quality)
  • Project Secretary: Natalie Eggleston

Project partners:

  • Terese Bird (Beyond Distance Research Alliance, Leicester University)
  • Jackie Carter (Manchester Information and Associated Service (Mimas), University of Manchester)
  • Richard Windle (School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Physiotherapy, University of Nottingham)