Ethics, Rights and Intellectual Property

In UK universities, all research that involves human or animal subjects is monitored by institutional ‘ethics committees’ to ensure that the interests of the subjects are protected. Similarly, many aspects of the research process (theory, methods, findings etc.) draw on ideas and procedures that are the legal ‘intellectual property’ of others and must not be used without their permission. The materials under this topic will introduce you to key ethical and intellectual property issues that might affect your research, and help you to know where you can go for advice in specific circumstances.


Estimated study time 30 mins
How copyright could affect the way you study, research and work while at university.

Copyright and Creative Commons, explained by Common Craft

Estimated study time 4 mins
This video tells the story of a photographer who learns to use both Copyright and Creative Commons to accomplish her goals.

Copyright for students: what you need to know

Estimated study time 15 mins
An introduction to copyright issues.

Creative Commons: Spectrum of Rights

Estimated study time 30 mins
A short introduction to Creative Commons Licences.

Web 2.0, IPR and You

Estimated study time 7 mins
This animation portrays in a light-hearted way some of the IPR issues involved in new media.

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