How it works

The materials you will find through this website are intended to help students who want to use digital technologies in university studies.

You will find approximately 40 hours of self-study material here, carefully selected and organised into learning topics that will help students develop their digital study skills, and become 'digital scholars'. Step 1 is to select the topic you are currently most interested in.

In the topic you have selected you will find an explanation of what the topic covers, and a list of  Resources with icons showing you the amount of time it takes to study each resource and the media it uses, and stars showing you how highly other users have rated it. Step 2 is to select the resource you are currently interested in.

When you have selected a resource you will see a page with information about who has created it, and a ‘visit this site’ link that takes you directly to it. The information page also has the facility for you to rate this resource and post comments about it. We hope that you will return here to give your opinion when you have finished with the resource.

When you click ‘visit this site’ you will be taken to the external website which contains the actual study materials. Work through or download these as you see fit, according to whatever kind of material and media it contains. Click the ‘Back’ link in the banner at the top of the page to return to the resource information page on this Digital Scholarship website, and if you want to return to the home page click on the ‘Digital Scholarship’ link in the banner. You can also use the rating system (click on a star) and the comment button in this banner to post your opinion of this resource.

Another way to navigate around the Digital Scholarship site is to use the Tags that you can see under the Learning topics on the homepage. These are simply keywords that we have attached to each resource. Clicking on a tag will show you all the resources that we have attached this keyword to.

Finally, you can use the Search function to search the text of every page in the site for keywords that are not amongst the tags and which you have a particular interest in.