It's great to rate

Photo of man with thumbs up as if rating an OER

Rating a resource helps your fellow researchers decide whether to explore it further and also provides valuable feedback to the resource's authors.

This website allows you to rate the learning resources that you find through it. Rating a resource helps others to make a decision about whether to spend time exploring it for themselves. It also helps the authors of resources to know whether their materials are appreciated by users, and if necessary to improve them.

You can rate a resource on its ‘Visit this site’ page, or via the banner at the top of the page that the resource itself is displayed in when you visit it. Rating is very simple, just click on the star that the site deserves – first star on the left for ‘not very good’, last star on the right for ‘excellent’. The Digital Scholarship website will add your rating to those that other users have given and display the average on the ‘Visit this site’ page.

Rating helps us to know whether you found the resource useful or not, but it doesn’t tell what you liked or didn’t like about the resource. To tell us that, try posting a comment (see the 'Commenting helps' page).