OER – what’s that?

Photo of an educator with a piece of chalk in one hand that rests on a book

An OER is an Open Educational Resource - one that has been made available by its creator for use by anyone, without further need to ask permission.

OERs, which can be study materials or other kind of educational resources, are at the centre of a worldwide movement to make online educational resources freely available to anyone who needs them. The Support Centre for Open Resources in Education (SCORE) project based at the Open University, which has funded this website, and all the individuals and institutions that have provided the materials that we link to, are committed to promoting the sharing of educational content through sites such as this one.

The resources linked to from this site are all Open Educational Resources, either provided under a formal Creative Commons license (see About Creative Commons) or otherwise with the intention of allowing open use.

You, as a user of the resources on this website, are contributing to the spread of this open movement. We hope that you will in turn share these resources with others who may need them, and indeed share any similar materials that you may produce yourself.

For further information about Open Educational Resources see the SCORE website.