Learning Collaboratively Online

Collaborative learning – in groups – is an important aspect of studying in many subject areas in UK universities. For some people, collaboration comes naturally; for others it has to be learned. The materials in this topic will help you to develop your understanding of how collaborative learning works, and your skills in working collaboratively in your own university context.

7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation

Estimated study time 20 mins
What is collaborative annotation? Why does it matter to teaching and learning?

Collaborative writing

Estimated study time 40 mins
Use the web as platform to write and co-author documents.

Digital Researcher

Estimated study time 20 mins
A session on the use of social media in the context of academic research.

How not to tweet

Estimated study time 10 mins
Ensure you get the most out of Twitter by avoiding these common mistakes.

How Students Develop Online Learning Skills

Estimated study time 1 hour
7 practical steps that helped students succeed in their online courses.

How to find time to blog (this resource is no longer available)

Estimated study time 10 mins
Here is some advice to students on how to keep their blogs alive!

Introducing Wikis

Estimated study time 10 mins
This e-practicum introduces Wikis via a presentation and self-directed quiz.

Online teamwork and collaboration

Estimated study time 15 mins
What benefits can online teaching bring to teamwork?

Review of social citation tools

Estimated study time 10 mins
How social citation tools might support the work of a large research team.

Social Networking with Our Students: Digital identity, privacy & authenticity

Estimated study time 15 mins
A presentation based on student work in a Professional Skills module.

Using social media technologies for research dialogues

Estimated study time 25 mins
Dr Shailey Minocha shares her findings on ways digital technologies are currently used in researcher training and development.

Why I started blogging my PhD research

Estimated study time 15 mins
A PhD student writes about her motivations to start a research blog.

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