Tagged resources for 'howto'

How to build your Professional Learning Network

Estimated study time 5 mins
What is a PLN? What tools do I need to get started?

Blogging for Researchers

Estimated study time 10 mins
Find out how to set up your own blog and use it as part of your research activities.

How not to tweet

Estimated study time 10 mins
Ensure you get the most out of Twitter by avoiding these common mistakes.

How to easily create a website with WordPress

Estimated study time 5 mins
How to easily create a website with WordPress A student's plan to promote her portfolio online.

Lifelong Learning - The Internet Super-User

Estimated study time 1 hour
In our rapidly changing world, the most important skill that you can gain is the ability to learn, the determination to be an active agent in your own learning.

How to find time to blog (this resource is no longer available)

Estimated study time 10 mins
Here is some advice to students on how to keep their blogs alive!