Tagged resources for 'social media'

Social Networking with Our Students: Digital identity, privacy & authenticity

Estimated study time 15 mins
A presentation based on student work in a Professional Skills module.

7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation

Estimated study time 20 mins
What is collaborative annotation? Why does it matter to teaching and learning?

Digital Researcher

Estimated study time 20 mins
A session on the use of social media in the context of academic research.

Using social media technologies for research dialogues

Estimated study time 25 mins
Dr Shailey Minocha shares her findings on ways digital technologies are currently used in researcher training and development.

Audioboo online training videos

Estimated study time 30 mins
Russell Stannard explains how to use Audioboo, the popular podcasting site.

Using Twitter in university research

Estimated study time 1 hour
Can anything of academic value ever be said in just 140 characters?

Social Media: A Guide for Researchers

Estimated study time 2 hours
This guide will show you how you can use social media to help your research and your career.