Using Multimedia Creatively for Learning

University assignments used to be predominately written, but increasingly they may require you to use different kinds of digital media – charts and diagrams, images and audio, PowerPoint presentations, websites, eportfolios, etc. The materials in this topic will give you an idea of how media can be used both on its own and to enhance a written assignment.

7 things you should know about WordPress

Estimated study time 20 mins
A brief document describing what WordPress is, where it is going and why it matters to teaching and learning.

An introduction to portfolios and their uses

Estimated study time 10 mins
What is a portfolio? Why do I need to keep a portfolio?

Be visual! Working with images in PowerPoint

Estimated study time 30 mins
An online workshop showing how to find copyright-cleared images and clip art, and how to edit them in PowerPoint.

Digital storytelling from soup to nuts

Estimated study time 1 hour
Communicating a message through story can be a powerful way to educate, encourage thought and initiate change.

Digital storytelling: A tutorial in 10 easy steps

Estimated study time 30 mins
How to create a polished, powerful digital story for yourself.

E-Learning ideas

Estimated study time 7 mins
A Pecha Kucha presentation covering various e-learning tools.

How to easily create a website with WordPress

Estimated study time 5 mins
How to easily create a website with WordPress A student's plan to promote her portfolio online. Create your own Twitter newspaper

Estimated study time 15 mins
Do you love Twitter‘s serendipity but aren’t too thrilled with the free-for-all jumble of tweets that race past you?

Web 2.0: Tools for Online Creativity

Estimated study time 2 hours
An introduction into new creative tools online.

Why is Prezi useful for postgraduate researchers?

Estimated study time 15 mins
What is Prezi? How is it different from powerpoint?

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